The Best Student Photographers of Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020

June 11, 2021

TIFA was created to support and recognize not only those whose main source of income is photography, but student and amateurs photographers as well. The awards serve as a platform for these emerging artists to showcase their immense talent and for us to appreciate it. To shine the spotlight on them, we have compiled the best student photographers of Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020. 

My Way - Ta Hsiao Kuo

Sometimes, we need time to find ourselves. This was the case with non-professional photographer Ta Hsiao Kuo, who found his passion for photography at the age of 51. He keeps pushing on, developing his skills and testing them in competitions. 

Topographies of Fragility - Ingrid Weyland

A photography series to raise awareness for the damaging footprints humans leave on nature everywhere. The images are violently distorted to reflect the equally violent destruction of the environment. 

When the Trees are Gone - Diana Cheren Nygren

Another photo series to draw awareness to our environment: rising sea levels can endanger coastal cities and without a solution, can cause colossal problems in the future. The image series shows us a divide between man-made buildings and nature: people are looking for a place to to go to beach, will this be embedded in the cities soon? 

Kiss - Hong Chen

In the right place at the right time: a giraffe was giving birth in Masai Mara, Kenya when the photographer captured this image. 

Siblings - The Ups and Downs of Having One - Tan Chin Hock

Lessons, love, patience and a lot of fun: siblings are the way we learn empathy and unconditional love. This photo book transports us back into our childhoods with heartfelt images. 

The Starlit Grand Tetons – Bryony Richards

An image captured during the Perseids meteor shower, we rightfully feel like we just woke up in a dream or another dimension.




Snake Vs. Gecko - Wei Fu

The law of the jungle: fight, win and live to see another day, or lose and perish. It is in these photos we see the brutal face of nature, a very well-captured moment.

Limestone Quarry - Mona Hassan

Terrible conditions outside of Cairo in Egypt, these limestone mine workers are covered in dust and often get injuries that are life-threatening. They cover their eyes and mouths with scarves to protect them, but the white powder eventually gets everywhere. 

Disco Inferno - Rosetta Bonatti

Decay and entropy: a disco abandoned in Italy, this image is highly relevant in the times of Covid when places such as these had to shut down completely. 

Devotion - Patrick Ems

Ilulissat, Greenland: dogs awaiting a new journey into the cold and endless white, snow-covered landscape. 

Drying Fish - Phan Khánh

Long Hai fish market, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam: this is the place to buy and sell seafood, especially dried scad. Thousands of trays full of fish are dried on the rooftops for one day.