TOKYO-2020 Portfolio / Fine Art

When The Trees Are Gone

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Collage, Gold in Portfolio/Fine Art, Silver in Science/Environment , 1st Place winner in Portfolio
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Susan Baraz I love, love this series-the concept and the execution of it. All cohesive in style and a simply brilliant eye to carry it out.

  • Photographer
    Diana Cheren Nygren
  • Photo Date

Surroundings play a dominant role in shaping experience. This series imagines city dwellers searching for moments of relief in a world shaped by climate change, and the struggle to find a balance between an environment in crisis and manmade structures. Relaxed beachgoers find themselves amidst carefully composed urban settings in front of dramatic skies. The beach becomes rising tides, threatening the very foundation of the city. The resulting images lay bare challenges to city planners, and the problematic nature of the future that lies ahead for humanity and the planet.

Diana Cheren Nygren is a fine art photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. Her work explores the visual character of place defined through physical environment and weather. Place has implications for our experience of the world, and reveals hints about the culture around it. Diana was trained as an art historian with a focus on modern and contemporary art, and the relationship of artistic production to its socio-political context. Her emphasis on careful composition in her photographic work, as well as her subject matter, reflects this training.