Brilliant Advertising Photographs from 2020 TIFA Winners

February 25, 2021

A large variety of photograph series shot for official or their very own campaigns, these brilliant advertising photographs from 2020 TIFA winners show us the perfect harmony between images and conveying a message. 

Fresh Meat - Sh Sadler

The piece which won First Place in Advertising Photography was shot to bring attention to modern beauty standards: what do we see as beautiful in our times? Is beauty only skin deep? 

head wrapped in packaging

Thom Browne - Yulia Shur

A surreal scene, like the characters landed on a Utopian Mars, this out-of-the-ordinary campaign was shot for Thom Browne in Gunma, Japan.

Elite Traveler / 2020 Holiday - Nicholas Duers

How does "the Elite" travel? The photo series is a representation of what might be hiding in the bag of a traveller, what they would walk in and accessories they would use. 

Red headphones and accessories

Faith - Din Wu

Belief and faith are explored in this series from the photographer's own point of view. Unable to live without faith means a lot of different things for everyone: either bravery, or helplessness.

Red Level - Salem McBunny

A striking photo from the Tokyo International Photography Awards: placing opposite complimentary coloours next to each other is brave as well as a way to bring a completely new perspective to life. 

Queen Fear - Irene Sekulic

A powerful beauty editorial showing us the darkest emotions of human beings: fear, anger, anxiety, paranoia. Mental health is an important issue we need to face together, without stigmas and prejudice. 

Foodtopia - Yuliy Vasilev

The ideal Utopian fairytale for foodies, Foodtopia inflates food into magnificent sizes and shows how everyday life through the lens of a happy place. 

Queen - Christian Zink

This image is not result of afterwork, but a real model floating 12 meters deep off the coast of Croatia. Her "dress" is a parachute. 

Homage to Picasso's Guernica - Joao Carlos

Shot as the cover image for TAP airlines inflight Magazine UP, the issue was dedicated to the City of Madrid. The makeup was painted directly on the model from award-winning makeup artist Sara Menitra .

New Faces and ... In The Class, Automotive Class - Marcin Majkowski

Showing the new faces of cars in a powerful, almost stark way, to show what we have already seen in a completely different way.