Riveting Event Photographs from the 2020 Tokyo International Foto Awards

October 8, 2021

Glancing at these images, we often hold our breaths from excitement and anticipation as the photographers allow us glimpses into other people's stories. These event photographs from the 2020 Tokyo International Foto Awards melt our hearts at times, and keep us on the edge of our seats at others - they are the perfect blend of action and emotion.

Beneath The Surface of Competitive Freediving - Kohei Ueno

We can almost feel the silence in the depths through this photo. Free-divers take a big breath and swim down as deep as possible with that one breath. It seems almost like a meditative state and requires serious training and physical state. 

Sparks - Eiichi Yoshioka

The Noto Peninsula in Japan is home to many festivals - the Abare Festival, or the Festival of Fire and Violence is an exciting time for participants, dedicated to a portable shrine that is hit against a wall by men, the culmination of the festival.

Cinema Portraits - Matteo Chinellato

For the past almost one hundred years, the Venice Film Festival has seen the biggest stars walk on the red carpet. As an accredited photographer for the event, Matteo Chinellato TIFA 2020 winner took these candid, real photos of the biggest celebrities attending. 

No Rush - Enrique Mancera

Even though the Covid19 restrictions caused lockdowns all over the world and Venezuela as well, this couple decided to go ahead with their wedding. Without the hundreds of participants and large music brand, the event was intimate and the couple focused on each other - a perfect reflection of their love.

Sumo - Lorraine Yip

An ancient tradition in Japan, Sumo wrestling is one of the most popular source of entertainment in Japan. After rigorous training, the wrestlers perform on the tatami to ensure a fruitful year for farmers. 

Craziness in a Wedding - Avismita Bhattacharyya

The ritual of Mangala Snanam is a significant step before the bride and groom get married in India. It purifies the couple and ensures that they will be ready for upcoming endeavours as a wedded couple. 

Thrill - Alessandro Andreatini

One performer and hundreds of people watching - we often only think of our point of views as spectators and not as the performer who is often alone on stage. How scary, exciting and adventurous it could be to bring out the best in ourselves in front of all these people!

Psychedelic - Stefano Degli Esposti

David Gilmour (former Pink Floyd musician) had a tour named Psychedelic that the photographer covered. The extremely colorful and stunning light technology that was involved in the performance is rightfully called psychedelic, transporting viewers into an almost dream-like state.  


Melancholy Strain - Avismita Bhattachary

The moment that little girls dream of, marriage: through the eyes of the bride, it is a happy but also somber occasion. She leaves her family to have a new one with her husband, ending her childhood and stepping into a new beginning. 

Go Big or Go Home - Hannu Rainamo

The Neste Rally Finland Ouninpohja and the driver with immense bravery: Mads Ă–stberg. His car flying in the air, the driver masterfully steers and goes on to race for the trophy.