Dreamy Fine Art Photography at Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020

August 4, 2021

Last year, the winners of TIFA demonstrated to our esteemed jury panel that there is no limit to their imagination and ability to execute amazing photos. There is one category, however, that allows us a peek into the creative minds the most. So, without further ado, here are some examples of the best fine art photography at Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020.

Fishermen of the Mangroves - Les Sharp

In China, fishermen used to fish with the traditional, ancient methods. In our present times, this has become increasingly difficult, many of them are shifting towards less sustainable ways to fish due to increasing demand, causing damage to the ecosystems. Unfortunately, when the remaining traditional fishermen are gone, their art of fishing will also vanish.

Free Your Imagination - Anna Aksenova

A perfect example for the principle: if we free our minds, amazing things can follow, and fantasy can turn into reality! 

The Hatching Eggs - Natcha Wongchanglaw

With the whole world stuck in quarantine in 2020, the photographer's deep-rooted desire for travel and adventure broke through this photo series. A way to explore new lands, she travelled through her imagination. 

White Flag - Natasha Mandal

A quiet reminder: if we prepare for war in any and all aspects of our lives, we will never find peace. For our own benefit, it's better to let some things go, breathe in and out and continue with our lives. 

Delimited Rooms -Antonella Zito

We all have different lives and ways of living within the walls of our own space. In these places lie our frustrations, hopes and often isolation as well, leaving only us to figure out how to break away from them. 

Heading Home - Hilda Champion

The cycle of feeding and living through the perspective of birds. When dusk falls, the bird leave the day fishing at seas and head to the trees for the night.

Poems for Sisters - Hardijanto Budiman

A mixture of the surreal world and the Joseon era 1392 - 1897 in Korea, this photo shoot is inspired by a Historical movie about Royal Princesses.  

Mursi Child - Svetlin Yosifov

Taken during an expedition in Ethiopia, this photo was taken of a child belonging to the Mursi tribe. They are an African tribe from the isolated Omo valley in Southern Ethiopia near the border with Sudan.


Ausentes - Rodrigo Chapa

Abstract expressionism at its best: the photographer's goal was to explore colors and formats all the while using bodies to widen the viewers' perspectives. 

Passion - Ignatios Makris

We are but puppets of passion. While it can lift us up into unprecedented highs, it can also push us down into the abyss.