TOKYO-2020 Events / Sport

Beneath The Surface of Competitive Freediving

  • Prize
    Gold in Events/Sport, 1st Place winner in Events
  • Photographer
    Kohei Ueno
  • Agency / Studio
    Kohei Ueno Photography
  • Technical Info
    1/800, Iso300, F/5.6, Full-frame, 16mm
  • Photo Date
    17 September 2019

Freediving is a sport where you hold your breath and dive as deep as you can on one breath of air. From the outside it may seem like an extreme sport where athletes dive for the enjoyment of adrenaline and thrill. However, if you look closely beneath the surface, you will find that this sport is more about being calm, relaxed, and diving to seek inner peace.

Kohei is an international award winning photographer from Japan, specialising in freediving and underwater photography based out of Asia. He picked up his first camera in 2014 when he quit his job at Google to travel the world, capturing images along the way that won him 1st place at the 2016 Alpha Awards. Since then, he's taken the camera underwater combining it with his passion for freediving. Since then he’s won multiple awards with numerous work published locally and abroad, including 2nd place at the Sony World Photography Awards, and winning the 2019 IPA Sports Photographer of the Year.