TOKYO-2020 Events / Wedding

Craziness In A Wedding

  • Prize
    Bronze in Events/Wedding
  • Photographer
    Avismita Bhattacharyya
  • Agency / Studio
    Charcoal & Vermillion
  • Technical Info
    1/4000 Sec, Iso-1250, F- 2.8, Full Frame Nikon Z6, No Flash
  • Photo Date

Mangala Snanam is a ritual in which the bride and groom are supposed to take an auspicious bath on their Wedding day, to purify them and prepare them to further perform the wedding rites and rituals. I’ve captured some fun, full-of-life, and exciting moments of the bride during this ceremony.

I have a very particular approach when I photograph a wedding. I just want to connect myself visually and emotionally to every celebration. This allows me to create a story of any special day filled with creativity and full of life. I have more than 5 years of experience in the Wedding Photography industry and over a year I have come to understand the flow of the Wedding day really well. I bring my experience in action, photojournalism, and documentary style to create a beautiful story of a Wedding.