Amazing Photography Books from Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020

June 23, 2021

Each year we receive thousands of entries from talented photographers who have created complete bodies of work. Here are the most amazing photography books from Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020. 

Do Brumbies Dream in Red? - Tom Goldner

This book is a project driven by research which explores anthropogenic changes in the Australian landscape through the use of conceptual documentary photography. The Snowy Mountain brumby, is an Australian feral wild-roaming horse and can be discovered throughout the book's journey.

Abandoned Churches - Unclaimed Places of Worship - Francis Meslet

Hundreds of churches in Europe were left abandoned. The photographer, Francis Meslet took the challenge to discover and to immortalise these places of worship that were so full of people many years ago.

Sumo - Lord K2

One of the oldest sports in history, Sumo has been present for 2,000 years. The fighters live according to a strict code that they follow in and out of their dojo. This books uncovers their everyday life and lets us catch a glimpse into the backstage of dojo life. 

Ricochet - Rudolf Steiner

A portfolio of strange beauty - the photographer has been exploring the environment around his studio. Thanks to a special shooting technique, the photos show us abandoned tunnels, rocks and other natural elements through an even more interesting view. 

Caba - Ciudad Autonoma De Buenos Aires - Michele Molinari

Capturing a city's soul in images. The photographer, exploring Buenos Aires, shot the parts of the city she most loves: the skyline, buildings, the light and its people. The result? Beautiful, cheerful pictures that show the joyful heart of the city.

Brain Damage - Michele Di Donato

A photo essay in four chapters: "Craving", "Doppelgänger", "Lost in the K-Hole" and "Rorschach." Each of them uncovers different layers to psychological themes. It is strong, shocking and infinitely intriguing. 

Komorebi Black. A Forest That Remembers - Singo Tanaka

A photo book that is a story in itself. It is a mixture between sadness, fun and kindness and shows us these feelings in a colorful, visually appealing way.  

Antarctica: The Walking Giant - Sebastian Copeland

More than a decade's worth of trips around this area, the photographer wanted to raise public  awareness: if we do not stop climate change, the Earth will warm further and our maps will be redrawn leading to unforeseen consequences. 

Minidoka, Fabric of the Land - Timothy Floyd

According to jury member Timothy B. Anderson, this book demonstrates a "Wonderful layout. Perfect illustration of subject matter."  As one of the most beautiful photography books from Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020, this book examines the remnants of a World War II Japanese American concentration camp. It is heartbreaking and forceful at the same time. 

Where is Adam? - Cheraine Collette

A wholesome book dedicated to showing and preserving the natural beauty of the world we live in. It demonstrates the fact that to have live animals "perform" for photo shoots and shows is unnecessary in our modern world.