TOKYO-2020 Book / People

Komorebi Black A Forest That Remembers

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/People
  • Photographer
    Singo Tanaka
  • Agency / Studio
    Surhands Tanaka
  • Technical Info
    1/40, Taken With The F8 Lens 50mm As The Standard, It Is Shown With A Paint Illustration.
  • Photo Date
    April 07,2020

Picture book-like photo collection 2020, published in April will be your own book A story is a picture book that you try to find something in your daily life, but you can find out what you want to do in the future by drawing from the reality that you can not find It is represented by a photo book like. -An expression that mixes kindness, sadness and fun. - The following copy content is used in the book. “I tried to avoid the heat of the summer, but I entered the forest, but it was dark, it was dark, and it seemed like I was looking at the night sky. The sound of the occasional wind and the su