Musician Magnus Münster by Morten Rygaard

The Artistry of Advertising Photography

May 2, 2024

A multi-layered field of art, advertising photographers must juggle the need of their clients with their own artistic vision. This can make for very unique visions as artists have to work within certain restraints. Advertising photography, for many professional and student photographers, forces them to go beyond their comfort zones and work with new ideas, new people, and in new places. Let us look at some of the most captivating advertising images from around the world through the lens of the 2023 TIFA winners.

I Am Here by Filip Fredrik Haglund

This image by Filip Fredrik Haglund was awarded Gold in advertising by the TIFA jury. His series explores models from minority backgrounds bringing new talent to the forefront of photography.

Dancing In Zhuhai City by Ruisheng Zhu

Dancing in Zhuhai City, 2023's silver winner in advertising, is a beautiful example of travel and tourism photography as Zhu explores the coastal city. By mirroring the city with dance, Zhu makes it look elegant and welcoming.

The Golden Princess by Rie Shinoda

Mimicking the makeup on her face, Shinoda has large swipes of color across her image. This brings the viewers eyes right onto the subject and makes her pop off the background.

Make It All Go Away by Wizard Tang

This image of the band 'Make It All Go Away' brings the musicality of the group into the image. As the members sway, Wizard Tang paints with light to show their movement as if they are the music themselves.

Porsche // Dreams In Colours by Kai Hartmann

In this futuristic image, Hartmann photographs a Porsche amongst a cyberpunk background. The color scheme on this image is particularly interesting as it is moody and bright at the same time.

The Wisdom of Japanese Winter by Naoya Yoshida

This tourism photo in support of Wakihonjin Okuya welcomes the viewer to the ancient facility once used by the government. This image is moody and interesting and really makes the viewer want to explore this unique location.

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