Adrian Schaub

Best New TIFA Photo Books Across All Genres

February 21, 2024

Photography books are a very special medium as they allow viewers to become very intimately knowledgeable with the work. Unlike a museum, the photographs can be viewed over and over again, shared with friends, and appreciated whenever and where ever you would like. Photography books also allow for new formats and ways of displaying one's photos. Take a look at 2023's top photography books carefully curated by the TIFA jury. These books represent some of 2023's greatest photos set in the most well designed and printed books. From portrait photography, to landscape photography, to documentary photography, the TIFA winners cover every genre and represent the most elite group of photography.

Broken Shadow by Oyvind Hjelmen

Based on his life and memories, 'Broken Shadow' explores life from childhood to adulthood. Hjelmen uses high contrast black and white to evoke the highs and lows of life. The shadows of despair and the light of happiness.

Playboys by Robert Yager

In this book, Yager documents the LA street gang Playboys 13. Starting in 1993, this historic book documents the gang over 10 years. Jury member Professor William Snyder remarked that it was an "intimate look at an insular society. Great moments and intimate perspective."

Cha-Gyeong : Borrowed Scenery by Dong-Wook Lee

Starting as a hobbyist, Dong-Wook Lee's project evolved over the years. Now, 'Borrowed Scenery' is a fully fledged documentary work that explores climate change and Korean culture.

El Ojo De Salem by Salem McBunny

Made up entirely of self portraits, Salem McBunny explores their own mental psyche and the problems that they have. This set of self portraits acts to heal the artist and explore their inner demons.

2023 My Photography Album by Minghang Lai

For over ten years, artist Minghang Lai explored the natural beauty of his home country of Taiwan. During this time, he mainly documented the various bird species he saw culminating in this photography album.

Artifacts by Marco Casini

A book of mixed media art, Marco Casini uses photography, sculpture, and found objects. In this book, Casini explores consumer culture and the ways that previously useful technology quickly becomes obsolete and the waste that it creates. 

The Rocketgirl Chronicles by Andrew Rovenko

Made during the height of the pandemic, these photographs explore the isolation that many faced. Using his daughter as the subject, Rovenko documents the adventures they had together while locked down and the way this made him and many feel.

While this is only a small highlight of the talent that the 2023 TIFA winners possess, there are many new and innovative ideas amongst all of last year's books. Take the time to view some of the most creative photography put to paper and finely curated by our esteemed jury. The best photography worldwide awaits!