TIFA 2023 Advertising / Product

Porsche // Dreams In Colours

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Product
  • Photographer
    Kai Hartmann
  • Agency / Studio
    Kai Hartmann Photography
  • Technical Info
    Cars Are Cgi, Backplates And Domes/spheres Shot On Location In Thailand
  • Photo Date
    March 2023

In Thailand, each day of the week represents a specific colour and it is considered among the Thai people that the colour of the day they were born on is their lucky charm. With the seven iconic Porsche Paint-to-Sample colours used in this limited collection, Porsche pays homage to the significance of colours in Thai culture together with the dreams that reflect enduring passion. All cars are CGI. Backplates and matching domes/spheres are shot on location in Thailand by me. The goal here was that CGI is not recognisable. Afterwards the creative director and me supervised the post production