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Cherry Fruit Dessert

Presenting the Remarkable: TIFA 2022 Advertising Category Winners

July 14, 2023

Step into a world where visual storytelling transcends words and limitless creativity takes center stage. The renowned Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) has once again honored the most imaginative and captivating photographers in the field of advertising. Let us venture into the captivating realm of advertising photography and discover the extraordinary vision and artistic brilliance of the exceptional winners in the Advertising category at TIFA 2022. Get ready for an exciting journey that will ignite inspiration, curiosity, and a deep appreciation for the boundless possibilities captured through the lens.

Red Riding Hood / Fashionista

Red Riding Hood / Fashionista - Kazuyuki Omori

Red Riding Hood has grown up and become a fashionista. She wears the clothes she likes and enjoys her own fashion. This model now faces a serious medical condition. It is unprecedented and Japanese doctors keep refusing to give her medication. I entered this work this time to encourage her.

Beauty Is In Everyone - Frauke Fischer-Ikeda

"Beauty is in everyone and everyone is beautiful.... being different is beautiful. I started a new project in which I wanted to show that beauty and thus also beauty photography is not just related to a small group of people. But everyone is beautiful. In beauty photography, only perfect ideals are often staged. This started to bore me and I wanted to show how much more fascinating people and all sorts of beauty there are. This is the first part of the project in which I photographed Tamara , a model with Down syndrome.


Beauty Is In Everyone
中菜西作/Chinese Food With Western Food Styling

中菜西作/Chinese Food With Western Food Styling - Ryzn Chang

Taiwan is a country full of delicious food. In the past, everyone’s impression of Taiwanese food was cheap and large portions. Through showing works and food styling this time, we want more people to know that our Taiwanese street food can be presented in such an elegant manner!



A Lake Within The Sea - Wizard Tang

"When one spends all one's time working and earning a living, that sea in your heart dries up in your lake." In this parched reality, your heart will always map out that sea! A fusion rock quality album that organically combines Screamo, Trap, Funk and R&B, exploring and experimenting more with the boundaries of the Emo genre.

A Lake Within The Sea
Shanghai Beach— Miniature World

Shanghai Beach— Miniature World - Huang_Xu

Through the novelty of a miniature visual journey through time and space, a God's-eye view of the Republican era of Shanghai's foreign trade exchanges, labour and prosperity from dusk to night, as well as related vibrant local flavours such as military parades and wedding ceremonies to showcase the humanities. The overall atmosphere of the architectural and sculptural world recreates the vitality of the Republican era, a time of cultural collision between East and West.

Oversized Floral 2 - Katya Teller

This picture was made for Ukrainian brand Oversized. It presents the "Floral" collection - line of clothing inspired by the various forms of the flowers and made from upcycled jackets, shirts and suits. It follows the idea of sustainable fashion. It's a classical studio shooting with specific coloring that reminds atmosphere of the winter garden.


Oversized Floral 2
Emotional Storm 2

Emotional Storm 2 - Massimo Barberi

Sometimes the landscape around a subject reflects perfectly the emotional landscape inside the mind of the subject. In this picture I believe this is the case, a magical moment of harmony and connection between the inside and the outside. The stormy clouds seems to come out directly from the heart of the woman portrayed in the picture. I like to think that pictures like this might help people to feel more connected to nature, and I hope they might inspire a sentiment of environmentalism and of openness and respect toward the natural beauty of the world around us.



Cherry Fruit Dessert - Leka Huie

For the Cherry Fruit Project, captured a pair of Cherrys , Orange and pineapple fruit dessert.

I am a Hong Kong native, and very interested in many different kind of photography. During 90’s, I graduated in Creative Photography from Humber College , Toronto, Canada. Within the same year, I received the "Student of the Year" awarded by Professional Photographer of Ontario (PPO). 

Cherry Fruit Dessert
Orange Squeezer

Orange Squeezer - Leka Huie

For the Assignment of Orange Project, captured the new conceptual of Orange Squeezer for the Mixed Fruit Orange Juice Splash.

The Explosion of Flowers - Stefano Pasquini

Almost wanting to console us of the sad period of Pandemia, in 2020 Castelluccio (Umbria, Italy) gave us one of the most beautiful summer blooms of the last century.

Stefano Pasquini lives in Umbria (Italy). Since 2021 he has transformed his great passion for nature into a job, carrying out the professions of photographer and hiking guide full time. It focuses particularly on landscape photography, with particular reference to the Umbrian landscape. 

The Explosion of Flowers

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