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Exploring nature with snails

Celebrating the Magnificent Honorable Mentions at TIFA 2022

May 17, 2023

The Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) stands as a prestigious platform that recognizes and celebrates exceptional photography from around the world. While the winners of TIFA often steal the spotlight, it is equally important to acknowledge the remarkable Honorable Mentions that have captivated the judges with their artistic prowess and visual storytelling. In this article, we delve into the mesmerizing works that have received Honorable Mentions at the Tokyo International Foto Awards, shedding light on the talented photographers who have left an indelible mark in the world of photography.

tribal in the rainforest

Mentawei: Keepers of The Forest - Jatenipat Ketpradit

There is one area deeper in the Siberut island rainforest in Indonesia that has not changed throughout time. Inhabitants of this woodland have been Mentawai natives for approximately a thousand years. They still honour spirits and respect nature. They are adept at using natural ink to tattoo the body. Through shaman, the Mentawais communicate with the nature spirits. The skulls will be utilised in ceremonies and hung on the house as a devil-repelling measure. With no power and a close connection to nature, these people live in a way that is reminiscent of the prehistoric era.


Kept - Tasleem Mulhall

The series looks at how different societies and civilizations portray women. Obstacles in culture, religion, and position that we, as women, must face and the perseverance it takes to go over them. Photographer Tasleem Mulhall, who was born and raised in Yemen and has an Indian mother and Yemeni father, has faced various difficulties throughout her life. She and her family immigrated to the UK in order to start a new life, adapt to a foreign setting, and maintain their cultural heritage. She believes that women will always be responsible for upholding an oppressive society because of her views and opinions.

woman lying in a man's lap
black and white photo of a tree

Between Mountain - Zekai Liao

In order to depict the actual aspect of the natural terrain, Zekai Liao mostly employs black and white photographs and pure colour language. In the act of shooting, he has a heart of perception. He makes an effort to instinctively and succinctly scan, translate, and modify the scenery he views, whether it be in the forest near his hometown or on another continent. The genuine scenery has changed during this process into a projection of the heart, re-creation and non-interference, the conflict between the two, yet they are expressed collectively and shown in the work as though the "Shan Shui" and "yin and yang" are opposed, but once more coexist.


Threats to Deep Bay Mudflat Birds In Hong Kong - Catherine Kaling Leung

Huge skyscrapers, in contrast to the existing low-rise structures... Smog, massive bridges, sandboats used for construction, steel jungles, construction debris, and illegal fishing... Around 50,000 shorebirds relax and eat in the well-preserved Deep Bay Mudflat in Hong Kong each year, with the beautifully constructed structures of Shenzhen, China's opposite coast providing a striking backdrop. Could the government's recent plan to build a city there result in less food and housing space available to residents? How can we guarantee the survival of the fauna there?


shorebirds rest and feed at the well-conserved Deep Bay Mudflat in Hong Kong
No Ordinary Studio 2022

No Ordinary Studio 2022 - Natasha Pszenicki

Natasha Pszenicki has a varied photographic life at her editorial studio, where she meets and takes pictures of people from many walks of life for various purposes. Shoots are usually a vibrant experience that wind their way through many storytelling arcs. To help bring out the best in her subjects and produce images that are true to their character, she constantly tries to foster a joyful and trusting environment. She does her best to convey each individual's essence and to assist them in sharing their tales with a wider audience.


Amaryllis - Kate Hrynko

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Kate Hrynko's experiment with live flowers was already underway. She was unable to finish her task, and she had packed her equipment in preparation of a probable evacuation. She missed the opportunity, and the bloom was fading. Then she understood that, in light of the surroundings, it was the ideal moment to photograph. On February 28, 2022, she took a few fast pictures, unpacked her camera, and then put everything back.


Exploring nature with snails

Exploring Nature - Aleksandra Iarnova

Exploring nature with snails.

Aleksandra Iarnova is Latvian photographer with an education in history of arts and background in icon painting. She focuses on themes of self-identity, a person’s relationship with oneself and one’s body. She is also interested in modern still life photography. Aleksandra explores what is dire to her and creatively transforms casual things into extraordinary in her works.

Demoiselle De Mai - Psyché Ophiuchus

"Demoiselle de Mai", Broceliande (Brittany, France). Self-portrait. This series is an allusion to the European tradition of the Queen of May, symbol of Spring, of purity, of the young bride who leaves her status of girl to become mother. A reminder of our customs that are fading in our memories, and an evocation of the women who have today (and in a precarious way) the freedom to choose.

Demoiselle De Mai
Cosmic Nature

Cosmic Nature - Mariana Bertrand

The goal of the television series Cosmic Nature is to uncover hidden cycles, relationships, and patterns in the behavior of living things. The photographer examines the secrets of life itself in a variety of forms and shapes, from contemplating molecular structures to thinking about flowers, animals, satellite images, and her own body. By merging all of these aspects into a single scene, it is possible to create a surrealist setting that immerses the observer in an almost dreamlike vision of transformation, chaos, and links in the natural world.


River - Michal Konrad

The lives of many generations, who are frequently separated into several nations, is symbolised by the river. The river has always been there, but everything around it has changed as time has gone on. Although the life of the river is mostly unaffected by human presence, each individual nonetheless leaves a modest mark that is similar to the location where he lives and of which he is a temporary creator. The "River" project won a prize and was showcased at the Rybnik Festival of Photography, Praque Photo, Month of Photography in Bratislava, and Fotofestiwal in ód.



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