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“Summertime” on 2021 TIFA Winner Photos

July 21, 2022

In this compilation, we wish to capture the delightful spirit of summer through the stunning images of the 2021 TIFA winners. The chosen images evoke feelings of enthusiasm and vibrancy, which is why they make us think of the summertime. Hopefully, they'll give you the same impression!

mother with child on a sunflower field

Dear My Family - Shinji Hasegawa

The photographer captured his son and wife with his cherished sunflower in the snap. His son's eyes were incredibly bright when he first noticed sunflowers.

Elephant Mother - Fahm Bekele

"When we were at Kenya's Masai Mara National Conservancy, we saw a lot of elephants with their young. We spent the most of the day following the herd, and we were able to get pictures of them both in the daytime and at dusk. It was particularly lovely to observe how the moms of the elephants looked after their young and kept a close watch on them."

elephant mother with elephant baby in the sunset
silhouettes on the beach

Beach Silhouettes - Matty Karp

Aerial footage and a slideshow of soccer players and sunbathers in Tel Aviv Beaches. The eyes are drawn to the silhouettes instead of the actual persons due to the vertical capture.

Regatta At Sunset - Hsiuling Chiu

During the Dapeng Bay Marine Festival in Pingtung county, windsurfing boats competed in a regatta. A telephoto lens with a focal length of roughly 300 mm was used to take this picture.

surfers in sunset
model sitting in colorful clothes

Roisin - Hector Socorro

"The creative origin of this editorial is based on the colors of poisonous lizards. bright colors in full sun whose styling and creative idea go hand in hand with @lauro_samblas @mimiriambr. makeup @naomimakeupandphoto styling assistant @ tatiii.gg. art assistant @ andrea.balloch. model @viomartin_"



Wahat Al Karama - Judith Kuhn

In Abu Dhabi, there is a memorial to the nation's troops called Wahat al Karama across from the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The enormous mosque is mirrored on a flat water surface that defines the central square.

Wahat al Karama in sunset
woman in the window

Travel Freedom During The Pandemic - Julia Wimmerlin

A sense of being imprisoned and a yearning to escape. Being able to see natural life but not participate in it social ills and social responsibilities. The colors red and orange are associated with pleasure and danger, respectively. Movement and color as a representation of transient freedom. Prior to dawn, it is always the darkest.

Herbarium of Summer Memories - Maja Strgar Kurecic

The warmth of a summer day, carefreeness, and beauty of the simple things in life are all represented in these pictures. In these images, each plant evokes a distinct recollection of the summer spent by the Adriatic. Every day on his walk home from the beach, the photographer gathered them. Even though they appear to be dry and lifeless, they actually contain the seeds of fresh life. She took pictures of them immersed in water to highlight their delicate and frail structure. Intentionally, the photographs' colors have been reduced to warm (which stands for the summer sun's warmth) and cold (which is for the Adriatic Sea's hue).

dried flowers
summer carneval

End of The Summer - Onni Wiljami Kinnunen

An advertisement for Kalajoki, Finland's traditional and significant carnival, which celebrates the end of summer with a variety of light and fire performances as well as other celebrations. Kalajoki is a popular tourist destination with long, sandy beaches and sand dunes.

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flamingos gazing through a lake, from above