Stunning Nature Photographs at TIFA 2020 from Professional and Non-Professional Entrants

February 15, 2021

Nature never ceases to amaze us - and the same can be said of our photographers as well! During the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020, the jury panel has the pleasure of receiving staggering amounts of beautiful images captured at the best moments, showing action, life and color. 

Dragon's Eye - James Rushforth

Like a scene from Game of Thrones, winner of Gold in Nature/Aerial demonstrates the vividity of hot springs located on the Icelandic highlands. The area has a particularly high silica content, resulting in some beautifully intricate geothermal formations of polished white geyserite.

A Sheep - Claudia Guido

Just like a fluffy dream, this photograph was captured as a part of promotional work for Italy's Tuscan Organic Tours. 

Quiver Tree at Night - Gigi Williams

Painting some elements of nature often leaves us breathless with wonder - this time, the photographer shone some red light onto a tree in Namibia. 

World of Jellyfish - Katerina Muchova

This almost drawling-like image is a part of the self-taught photographer's series where she captures six different species of jellyfish in a monochromatic scheme. 

Dubai Marina - Carmine Chiriaco'

The photo was taken in Dubai with a DJI Mavic2pro drone. The extraordinary geometry of the architectural designs, the streets, the pier that contrast with the ocean water all come together for a perfect aerial image.

Through the Looking Glass - Veronika Šandorová

Through this very special project, the artist wanted us to see what her precious pets see: "Colourful, playful, full of love, with endless possibilities and a lot of adventures. Simply - DREAMLAND. ⁠"

Glory Night - Younghun Kan

Winner of Gold in the Nature /Sunset category, the photographer captured this magical image in the evening without the sun setting. The northern lights shone in the sky with the sun.


Frozen Gardens - Olga Volianska

A heartwarming start to this project: during the lockdown, the photographer's husband started to bring her flowers bought from older ladies - however, these flowers picked from gardens started to wilt fast. The solution? To freeze them elongating their life. This is how the photo series was born. 

Sundown Theatre - Bence Máté

"When low sunlight illuminates clouds, dust and water grains in the air, vivid yellow, red, pink and purple tones appear. As this phenomenon is short-lived, each image required careful planning, and sometimes many sessions were needed to capture the images that I had set out to achieve."