TOKYO-2020 Advertising / Beauty

Queen Fear

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Beauty
  • Photographer
    Irene Sekulic
  • Agency / Studio
    Kreoidea & Partners
  • Technical Info
    Canon Eos Mark 4 - Canon 14mm 1.2 + 85mm 1.2 + 50mm 1.2 + 24/70mm 2.8 + 70/200 2.8mm + 16/35mm 2.8
  • Photo Date
    January 2020

Beauty editorial tribute to the darkest emotions of human being: fear, anger, anxiety, paranoia. Mental health is an important issue we need to face together. The power of all those emotions can be transformed in positive. It is still our power, but without a guidance. I introduce to you, the other side of my self, the darkest place, My Queen Fear.

Irene Sekulic: Photographer, producer & founder of KREOIDEA & PARTNERS. Irene has a broad experience with fashion industry editorials, campaigns, look-books and catalogues for designers, brands, boutiques and magazines, mainly eco & sustainable fashion brands. Irene founded Kreoidea in 2011. KREOIDEA & PARTNERS. has born as a creative hotspot of international professionals of audio&video scene, visual art, and contemporary learning centre for young content creators and talents on the territory. Clients & Publications:Vogue Italia, Photophoto, Vogue UK, UNHCR,i-D, Luxiders, NY Fashion Week.