Ten Outstanding Fine Art Photographers at the 2019 Tokyo International Foto Awards

October 5, 2020

Fine art can be anything we want it to be - from dreamlike landscapes to mysterious still life and surrealistic portraits, it shows us the inside workings of the photographer's imagination. No wonder it is a beloved category at the Tokyo International Foto Awards! Let us guide you through the maze of the 2019 TIFA photographers' creativity.

Who Stole My Head by Hardijanto Budiman - Second Place in Fine Art 

This striking series of photographs represent an experiment for the artist: how to demonstrate a girl who has been frustrated and feels like she lost her head.

Rainbow Wedding Dress by Chiyen Chien - Bronze in Fine Art / Special Effects

An ambitious project: the wedding dress is handmade from 1800 napkins. For the veil, the photographer used smoke to create a dreamy feeling. 

Poem For Autumn by Sungdong Choi - Bronze in Fine Art / Landscape

A landscape of oriental ink painting style on a foggy, calm morning, shot by the photographer in South Korea. 


Waiting For The Tide to Turn by Gary Sheridan - Bronze in Fine Art / Other

The ongoing photo series explores a large scale of emotions. The images allude to a spectrum of thoughts and feelings from apathy and subservience to enlightenment and rebellion. The series envisages the realization that individualism is the weakness and only as a collective can they begin to turn the tide. 

Shadows by Samuel Feron - Silver in Fine Art / Landscape

In this misty and ominous series of outstanding shots, the photographer shows us his personal feelings of the Yellow Mountain in China.

The Light Within by Tom Jacobi - Gold in Fine Art/Nudes

Tom Jacobi's works are an homage to nature and planet Earth and the evolvement of the human soul. Ass we can see, vivid colours are mostly excluded from his work, but he finds countless nuances within the spectra of grey, white and bronze to form a cosmos, which he himself describes as an "achromatic colour world". 

Accelerated Intimacy. by Sarah Choo Jing - Silver in Fine Art / Moving Images

Accelerated Intimacy considers questions about sight, memory and staging in relation to time. A parallel to her previous methods of compositing and reconstructing documented images; Choo re-presents fragments through time, reconstructing a potential narrative surrounding each character. There is no resolution offered to these stories, they are kept to be ongoing. 

In Harmony-Sparkle- by Keiichiro Muramatsu - Silver in Fine Art / Other

For the artist, arranging flowers is a relationship with nature and an act of creating harmony. The aim is to project a person’s appearance and trace onto the flowers. 

A Seat At The Table by Justin Dingwall - Silver in Fine Art/Portrait

These images' protagonist, who has vitiligo Moostapha Saidi, and the photographer aim to start conversations about preconceived ideas and perceptions based on appearance and how what we see affects what we think. As in previous bodies of work, the artist hopes to highlight beauty in difference. 

Heartbreak by Felix Hernandez Rodriguez - Silver in Fine Art/Special Effects

In this touching shot, the photographer depicts the heartbreak he feels for what he is leaving behind for his son. Nature is beautiful, it's amazing, and we all are part of it... But with our actions we are destroying it. The diorama was built (rocks, mountains, trees, grass, etc.) using scale model figures. 

The deadline of the Tokyo International Foto Awards has been extended to October 31st, 2020 - submit your works now!