Non-Professional Photographers Who Stole Our Hearts at the 2019 TIFA

October 1, 2020

The Tokyo International Foto Awards has always been proud to receive the trust of up and coming photographers, who have the courage to share the way they see the world. The following compilation of photos hold a special place in our hearts. 

Strawberry and Peach Dessert by Leka Huie - Gold in Advertising / Food

The Hong Kong native photographer finished Photography school in Canada, ever since then, beautiful images have been the main protagonists in his works. This photo was a result of studio work combining strawberry and peach, captured with One Flash Light and honeycomb grid.

Pray by Lawrence Cheung - Silver in Architecture / Interiors

This photo was taken in a mesmerising temple. The photographer decided to study the way the light and shapes move, resulting in this almost supernatural picture.



The Truths by Peng Zhou - Gold in Fine Art / Abstract

The series symbolizes the existing dilemma in all our lives: is the Truth what we hear from others?  People receive many stories from the outside, from daily hassles to the most important events. The answers to the stories hold diversified opinions, and there is much to be said on both sides. However, have we thought about whether these differing opinions can reflect upon universal truths? Who can offer us a firm answer? Do we actually even need an answer? 

Deena Lean by Joshua Tate - Silver in Editorial/Fashion

This photo represents a brief moment captured during a music video of the photographer's good friend. 

Fly Around by Satoshi Kawashima - Gold in Nature/Landscapes

This truly magical photo was taken in Nagano, Japan. The small green light flashes were firefly flying in front of the waterfall, making the scene look like 


Microcosmic Portraits of The Little Earthlings by Irina Petrova - Bronze in Science / Other

This series of macro portraits of insects was taken with two retro manual focus lenses, which were made in 1982, connected by a filter ring adapter. Each image was obtained by focus stacking a tens or hundreds of shots. The purpose of this project is to show usual insects from unusual angles. That is why all insects were collected within the territory of the South Urals, where it would seem there are no exotic, bright species such as, for example, in Southeast Asia or Africa.

Scarlet Crusade by Aitor Del Arco - Gold in People / Self-Portrait

Scarlet Crusade speaks of blind faith. According to the photographer, having faith in something most of the time means something positive although it also ties us to a series of beliefs that can lead us to deplorable acts. Throughout history there have been many leaders who have got people to have blind faith in them and this has triggered wars and genocides. In the series you can see Catholic religious connotations, this is because it has been the cause of numerous bloodshed both globally, in wars, and personal beliefs / dogmas / doctrines that sometimes makes us carry out unusual situations.

Flow #2 by Lawrence Cheung - Gold in Architecture / Interiors

Lawrence Cheung's inspiration was Swiss artist Paul Klee, who said, “Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.” This photo depicts a staircase as the subject. The photographer studied lines and curves and found movements within frames. 

Plant Mischief by Makiko Kitagawa - Gold in Fine Art / Nudes

The focus of this highly creative photographer's work is always the deep human consciousness and nature, and imagination. Her photography always uses natural light. The model's name is Mituski.

Wonder Room: Homo Artificialis by Cara Louwman - Gold in Science / Medicine

For the past thousands of years, our technologies have been aimed outward. Now, however, we have started a process of aiming our technologies inward. With new trends, technology is nesting itself within us. The way in which the new technologies are shown in this photo series is based on an anatomy cabinet, what the photographer calls a wonder room. The anatomical cabinet of Frederik Ruysch (1638-1731) is a great source of inspiration for her.

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