Top 10 Nature Photos from TIFA 2019 that Amazed Us

September 22, 2020

Nature is the ever-changing constant in our lives that amazes at every corner. Last year's nature photography entries to the Tokyo Foto Awards left us in awe at just how beautiful the things that surround us are. We have compiled our favourite ones! 

Suk Eun Kim - Story of Tree Family

Suk Eun Kim is a Korean photographer drawing from his past experiences. His series depicts the tree family story of the sea. Modern people are too busy to meet family members. But we don't forget your family like those trees that always look at each other.

Craig Bill - Moonquest

Going on a nighttime hike in Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA, you might be able to find the same magical scene!

Tomáš Neuwirth - Cemetery

Tomáš Neuwirth is a freelance international award-winning photographer that specializes in drone photography. His silver award winning photographs shows us a small cemetery outside of a village named Rejvíz in Jeseníky Mountains, Czech Republic.

Reiko Takahashi - Playing with the Waves

Taken at Vava'u in Tonga, this photo shows us a humpback whale at about 4 months old. A curious calf approached the photographer, flew and tapped his hand on the sea surface. 

Rémi Masson - The Garden of Eden

As diver and photographer, Rémi Masson's first intention was to photograph the leaves of the water lilies. But once he was under the surface he was surprised to discover that, for a mysterious reason, several lily pads had opened under the water, forming incredible submerged gardens. 

Sarah Alsharhan - Wild Acrobats

A leopard leaps to his safety as a tiger approaches his territory. The coexistence of these two wild cat species is inspiring to watch at Nagarahole National Park in India. 

Shirley Wung - Rolling in Clouds

This mysterious photo shows us what happens when technology is used in a different way: a slow shutter was used to shoot the flow of clouds at night, to symbolise walking in the clouds.

Serge Melesan - Bullshark Dance

The moment when nature photography becomes an extreme sport... A group of 20 bullsharks were swimming around the photographers head.

Stas Bartnikas - Eye of the Earth

One of our favourite photos from the 2019 Tokyo Internatonal Foto Awards, this aerial capture shows a small glacial lake surrounded by ice was taken from a float plane in Denali National Park, Alaska. 

Kwanghoon Oh - Underwater Tomb of King Munmu and Tomb Keeper

A popular spot to check out the sunrise, 200m away form the shore of East sea, this tomb, is King Munmu's - the 30th king of Silla(661-181). This is the first submerged burial place in the world.