TIFA 2023 Book / Nature

2023 My Photography Album

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Nature, 1st Place winner in Book
  • Photographer
    Minghang Lai
  • Technical Info
    S1/640 F.5.6 Iso.200 Canon Eos-r5
  • Photo Date

Ten Years of Records of Green White Eyes, From 2013 to 2022, Recording the Growth Story of Green White Eyes: It was born after 12 days of incubation by parents , and left the nest after 10-12 days of feeding. It doesn't know how to forage immediately. After the parent bird teaches and trains, it can adapt to various foods and weather, including how to eat fruit, foraging for food to survive in rainy days, and training to eat seeds, dew, and nectar. Then they forage independently, sometimes quarreling and fighting for territory. it will grow up to see to seek a mate and have many offspring.

My name is Lai Minghang. The principal of Taiwan Junior High School retired. I was born in 1949. My interests are tourism and photography. The types of photography are humanities, landscapes, insects, and birds. There are 8 solo exhibitions, 3 of which are in government offices.