TIFA 2023 Fine Art / Other

Swimming In The Ocean of Consciousness

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Other
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Susan Spiritus Love the work!

  • Photographer
    Victoria (Vicky) Stromee
  • Agency / Studio
    Vicky Stromee Photography
  • Technical Info
    Photos Of Projected Refracted Light Layered To Create Abstract Images
  • Photo Date

There is a concept in eastern thought that God created individual souls in order to experience consciousness of creation. It is said: “Whatever its particular journey, each individual bubble or soul must in the end merge back into the vast ocean of Spirit from which it came.” These works reflect my meditations on souls swimming in the ocean of consciousness. I hope my work brings a momentary pause, a place of reflection on the nature of spirit.

Vicky Stromee was immersed in the transformative power of the arts from an early age. Her obsession with texture, pattern, fluidity, and change became defining life themes that continue to unfold in her work. Painterly influences inform Vicky's unique eye for composition and form, light and color. Her work invites the viewer to pause, reflect, and find a visual respite.