TIFA 2022 Nature / Aerial

Meeting Point

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Aerial
  • Photographer
    Sharon Tribelsky
  • Technical Info
    Dji Drone
  • Photo Date

The meeting point of the shore and the sea is one of the most powerful action nature can offer. when the water meets the rocks it's like you can watch the creation of mother nature in front of you. this ever-changing process is full of power and glory. you can never take the same photo again. this is the perfect meeting point for the water movement and the shore standstill. this drama is always fascinating me over and over again!

Sharon Tribelsky is a professional photographer born in 1960 and living on Kibbutz Bet Zera which is in the Jordan Valley located in Israel. he graduated with four years of photography studies from Canada Wizo art College in Haifa. his works are exhibited at galleries and shows around the world and printed in books and magazines. For a period of fifteen years, he was involved in industrial and commercial photography and also managed a commercial photography studio. He is taking landscape images and drone projects only for fun, not to make a living. (from time to time also street photography).