TIFA 2022 Editorial / Political

Womens March In Austin Texas

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Political
  • Photographer
    Rebekah Helton
  • Photo Date

The fight for autonomy continues to this day in a country that claims freedom as its founding rights. For women, LBGTQIA+, BIPOC and underprivileged individuals, we see our rights slipping away. We march, we voice our opinions, we vote. We hope. We hope tomorrow is a better day for us all equally. We will be heard.

Rebekah focuses primarily on black & white images. She encourages people to look beyond what they think they see and allow themselves to feel the images. Her photographs find those least noticed moments in our daily lives to highlight what we often take for granted or miss due to busy lives. Her photos have been exhibited by galleries in the United States and Europe. She has received awards for her photography not only using her DSLR camera but also her iPhone and confocal microscope. Dr. Helton earned her PhD from the Univ of Delaware, USA, and MS and BS from Michigan State Univ., USA.