TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Abstract


  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Nica Junker
  • Agency / Studio
  • Photo Date
    March 2022

elapse - passing by something that I am unable to grasp because it is too fleeting to capture in the moment of the photograph. What lies behind the perception of objectivity when the non-experienced life mirrors one's own subjective snapshot: Strolling around in one's own experiential universe, irritations in supposed certainty of the here and now, right here, right now. What else remains in the passing of time?

I am a visual artist of photographic and cinematic media: publications, exhibitions and photographic installations. My artistic focus is to develop narratives for different visual media analog, digital and transmedial. My photographic works deal with themes of space, time and identity. These themes can be realized in a narrative sequence, in an abstract light painting, in a play with empty space.