TIFA 2021 Nature / Wildlife

Family Bonds

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Wildlife
  • Photographer
    Lars Gesing
  • Agency / Studio
    Lars Gesing Fine Art
  • Photo Date
    October 27, 2019

When the going gets tough, we turn to the ones we love and trust the most in our lives. That’s what I immediately thought of when I had the good fortune of witnessing this family of bison brave a thick, early-season Colorado snowstorm. I had watched the herd for quite a while. At first, these magnificent animals were all dispersed, each minding their own business. But then, something beautiful happened. As the snow started falling ever more violently, individual family members within the herd started to gravitate toward each other in a remarkable display of the power of family bonds.

I am a fine art nature photographer based in Seattle, Washington. Originally from Germany, I have found a home in the rugged beauty of the American West by following the dusty trails of those hopeful souls before me who the West also lured with its unique promise of exploring beauty and character. That journey of finding “A Sense of Home” is the pulsating heart of my imagery, a homage to living a life of no regrets and the resolute pursuit of our dreams.