Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Other

Chairs-and-Sculptures Series

  • Photographer
    Daphna Katzor Laszlo
  • Agency / Studio
    Studio Shoot
  • Technical Info
    Digital Images Are Processed Creating A Work Of Art That Is Different From The Original Images
  • Photo Date

As an artist engaging in two fields – digital art and sculpture – I created this series by the integration of both fields. I gathered chairs which belonged to different generations in my family and combined them with the sculptures I create. Each sculpture is a kind of portrait of myself during a certain period of time, reflecting my experience during this time, and the chairs represent the history of my family and the different characters who played a part in it throughout history. It is by the use of the sculptures, objects, and landscapes that I link my own biography to the story of the dif

Daphna Katzor Laszlo is a versatile artist engaged in digital art and sculpture,graduate of the photography department in The NB Haifa School of Design.Daphna is the director of Studio Shoot,specializing in advertising, fashion and portrait photography.Photography lecturer Last Exhibitions: *2020:More is More,Rome, Italy,Rossocinabro Gallery *2020:Awardee of the 14th international photography competition of the Pollux Awards and the Julia Margaret Cameron Award *2020:Identities and Relationship Between Man,Society and Contemporary Cities,Itsliquid international contemporary art show, Venice