Glass Art

  • Photographer
    Federico Povoleri
  • Technical Info
    Ext. Iso 100 F.8 - Int. Iso 800 F.2.4
  • Photo Date

Murano, the island of the Venice lagoon where the glass factories are located and where the masters of the glass were born. Today many factories are closed, the ancient art of blown glass has remained in the hands of a few artists. A boy observes a sculpture in a garden: a wall of glass bricks, while in a nearby furnace with 1200 degrees, a master and his helpers continue to create glass sculptures. Unique masterpieces whose price, to be realized, is to breathe toxic vapors.

Writer/Director/Composer born in Venice in 1963. He trained as a comic book scriptwriter thanks to his friendship with and “training” under journalist and writer Alberto Ongaro. He has worked with various editorial companies and working for several years with Walt Disney Italia. Also directs and post-produces videos of operas and symphonic concerts for Teatro La Fenice in Venice. Since 2003 has collaborated with filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco composing the musical score for several of his documentaries. Povoleri teaches screenwriting at the Artistic High School of Venice.