TOKYO-2020 Book / Documentary

Notes For The End of A Century...

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Documentary
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Jose Ney Mila Espinosa
  • Photo Date

My interest in this proposal is the human being immersed in his daily life in public spaces, for his spontaneity and unconscious relationship in that environment.​I look for in these visual experiences, the reflection of the possible oneiric or irrational appreciations, without losing the interpretation of their anthropological reality.​I also want to refer to * everything: the world and its inhabitants, their illusions, their sadness, their beliefs and love, without geographical references, nor specific religions or policies. Only the moment of hallucinations and convergences in...

José Ney Milá Espinosa. (Jose Ney) Nació en La Habana, Cuba. 1959. Reside en España desde 1995. Reside en EE.UU. desde 2010. Invitado a participar como miembro del Comité Internacional de Selección, "XI y XII, Bienal de Arte Internacional Contemporáneo de Florencia (2017 y 2019)", Italia; Miembro del Selection Committee International, Contemporary Art Competition Miami 2017, EE.UU. Ha realizado exposiciones individuales y colectivas en lugares como el Southeastern of Photography Daytona, Florida; El Museo de Artes Fotográfica de Florida (FMoPA); Museo de Arte de Orlando; El Museo Latino...