TOKYO-2019 Editorial / Fashion

Space Nomad Tribe

  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/Fashion
  • Photographer
    Zhenzhen Cao
  • Technical Info
    I Combine Photography With Cgi To Create An Unreal World. Show Everyone The World I Imagined.
  • Photo Date

In the far future, we human beings will no longer live on Earth but travel from planet to planet. It is a story about a space Odyssey of a Tibetan tribe in the future world,when they’ve left their home and continue their journey towards the stars: A nomadic life in outer space. I combine photography with CGI to create an unreal world. Show everyone the world I imagined.

Zhenzhen CAO, born in 1991 in Shandong, China currently working between Paris and China. Zhenzhen is an artist and photographer, She graduated from the Spéos Paris photography school. Before being a photographer, She was a graphic and motion designer.