Marunouchi Photo Gallery from the outside

TIFA at Marunouchi Photo Gallery, Tokyo

April 30, 2024

The awe-inspiring photography exhibition of the 2023 TIFA winners has come to a close in Tokyo. Running through the entirety of March, the exhibition featured images from the award winning first and second place photographs across the TIFA categories. Spanning 11 different genres of photography, the imagery brought together unlikely photographs from nature photography, editorial photography, fine art, and travel. 

Located in the Shin-Tokyo building, the Marunouchi Gallery is home to international photography and art exhibitions. The exhibition featured both professional and non-professional photographers giving a voice to artists emerging and established. The photographs also came from all across the globe, bringing culture and politics from every corner of the world. The diverse imagery and breadth of work featured allowed the Tokyo art community a special look into what makes contemporary photography so special; the ability to speak through images no matter the country of origin. 

The images were displayed all across the gallery, wrapping around the entire space. There was also special cabinet featuring the top winners from the competition. With the 2024 TIFA competition now open, there is only a short time until another amazing set of winners is announced and introduced to the Tokyo photography community.

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