The People of TIFA 2019: Top Ten Photographs in the People Category

September 22, 2020

The human condition is always changing - good times and hard, we all have our battles to fight. The People category in Tokyo International Foto Awards was created to show unadulterated photographs of real people - here is the 10 best from 2019. 

The Damned of the Earth by Julien De Wilde

The photo series which won First Place in the Tokyo International Foto Awards in the People category depicts the people who work in the rice fields under the burning sun and feet in the mud, for hours. Their faces and bodies are completely covered. One might think they have no identity. Who are they? How old are they, what is their story? Impossible to know who is under the hood. 

Unknown Garden by Saene Esmee Heidenrijk

A Garden full of diverse mixed cultures where more and more fall outside of traditional understandings. Do we let them bloom naturally? All girls are mixed raced children (also of mixed race parents), growing up within different cultural backgrounds. These kids feel happy to grow up within the best of different worlds. History shows that this wasn't always the case. Why did the outside world create an environment were some kids seems to battle Racial Imposter Syndrome? 

Newlyweds in Venice by Tomasz Budzynski

Magic in the first rays of sunlight: the photograph taken early in the morning on San Marco Square in Venice, during a wedding session.


Dedicating The Most Faithful Souls to Gods. by Yu Han Wei

The festival-like ritual Hakata Gion Yamakasa has been held over 770 years in Hakata, Japan. It is believed the origin of this ritual is to prevent the spread of diseases in summer. Generations after generations carry on this tradition proudly. It has become a grand festival and participants show great passion on the streets every year. Every July 15th, at 4:59 a.m., the Taiko is banged and the elaborately decorated floats(Yamakasa)start to race. The one-ton floats are symbols of the blessing from gods.

Lithium Pink by Grace June

This is a self portrait that explores what it means to be in mental health recovery as well as the experience of being a mental health patient. Stigma from others or stigma one gives themselves is often connected to whether or not one takes medication. 

Headstrong: The Women of Rural Uganda by Dan Nelken

The objective of the photographer is to combine the power of photography & give voice to the women in rural Uganda on issues that impact them & their families. These are the women who will face the new challenges to traditional customs posed by rapid population growth & unemployment over the coming decades.

Infinite Dream by Pino Coduti

Italian-born photographer Pino Coduti is a multi-awarded professional photographer specializing in wedding and portrait photography. This photo was meant to capture the wedding day, a divine light in the room, the veil of the bride: an infinite dream.

One Man-Many Style by Matej Dereck Hard

A series of staged double self-portraits. The creator born is Prague poses as six couples - fans of certain genres of music. On all portraits he acts both characters - man and women. Genres: Punk, Hip-Hop, Indie Rock, Free Techno, Reggae, Metal.

Family Portrait by Tetsuo Kurita

Taj Mahal, it is the most famous historic site in India. It is a memorial photo with all the family in front of the Taj Mahal. The family did not go to the Taj Mahal, but in the end, they will have one photo made there. 

Baby in a Bag by Jonas Borg

This is a portrait of the photographer's son. He was only two days old when he was put in the camera bag next to the window to take the picture.