Interview with SHSadler (Julia SH and Nic Sadler) 
TIFA 2020 Winner, 1st Place, Advertising category – “Fresh Meat”

SHSadler came into existence as an artistic collaboration between Julia and Nic in 2012. Drawing from a diverse range of skills and influences, our work primarily (though not exclusively) explores the sculptural form of the nude. Julia SH was born in Stockholm, Sweden. In London, she obtained her BA in Fine Art (film/video/performance) from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in 2005, and her MFA in Fine Art (media) from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2007. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she works as an editor and photographer. Nic Sadler was born in the UK, graduating from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia with a BA in Linguistics and Film Studies in 1985. His career as a Cinematographer began in London in 1995, working on numerous music videos, commercials and award winning feature films. Nic lives and works in Los Angeles in a variety of disciplines including stills photography, film-making, software & product design. Nic received an Emmy for developing the Artemis director’s viewfinder system in 2018.

Q: Explain your own personal style in 100 words.

The aim of our images is to confront accepted norms. Our style is subservient to that goal.

Q: What part of life do you associate with your ‘fresh meat’ project photos?

We see images of beauty everywhere in art and advertising.The goal here was to make a bridge between the two. What part of “life”? Consumerism.

Q: In an era where the consumption of audiovisual content is massive, what is the future of photography?

As photography become increasingly ubiquitous and utilitarian, the role of photography in art can no longer simply rely on capturing a moment. That aspect of photography has been thoroughly devalued. Artistic photography now has to embrace higher concepts and a desire to influence thinking on a given subject.

Q: What would you say to someone starting out in the world of photography?

You are already a photographer. Everyone is a photographer.The next step is to figure out how to use photography to express your perspective on the world and have people pay attention.

Q: Among the gadgets that you own, is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Why?

Nic: I buy gadgets I have an immediate use for. I rarely buy gadgets that are simply cool.

Julia: A Theragun. Seemed like a good idea but now it just gathers dust.

Q: If you had a career other than photography, what would it be?

Nic: I already have multiple concurrent careers: I’ve won awards for Engineering, Filmmaking, Writing and Photography. I also teach the craft of Cinematography at AFI.

Julia: Maybe a Medical First Responder?

Q: Where do you get motivation and inspiration from in your work and in photography?

Nic: I take inspiration from everything I can see, hear, smell, touch or taste.

Julia: I take inspiration from exploring my insecurities and those of others.

Q: What kind of photography do you identify with?

Nic: I’m not interested in a specific kind of photography. I’m interested in any image that communicates a message that has power and relevance.

Julia: Fine-art photography. I’m not intentionally interested in being an activist., I’m interested in being empathetic.