TOKYO-2019 Events / Sport

Submerged Field - Underwater Rugby

  • Prize
    Gold in Events/Sport, 1st Place winner in Events
  • Photographer
    Camilo Diaz
  • Agency / Studio
    Camilo Diaz

Everyday aims towards a collective goal. The Colombian national team is immersed in white, grey, and black, fighting together for the ultimate position. With accredited prestige, an invitation was sent to participate in the European Junior Championship, as a guest team. Ana Maria and her team are constantly fighting, pushing their lungs to the limit and transforming their everyday lack of resources to an idea of opportunity. The volume of water suggests a calm while the surface gives constant chaos. It is in this scenario that the South American team is named youth world champion winners.

Camilo Diaz, born 1981 in Medellin, Colombia, studied Visual Arts at the National University of Colombia and further Fashion Photography, Advertising and Film Studies at various Universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His artistic work focuses on the intimate portrayal of people and their immediate lives and surroundings. More than a depiction, his photographs reveal an intimate discovery and allow shared momentum. His subjects are not strangers but rather people with whom he enters a story.