TOKYO-2019 Events / Music

Dj Click – Musical Alchemist

  • Prize
    Silver in Events/Music
  • Photographer
    Thomas Estermann
  • Photo Date

This photo is part of a series of musicians that bring together different cultures. Dj Click is a musical alchemist who infuses rural with urban and mixes live and electronic. He is working with different cultural traditions spanning from gypsy traditions to the mystical Gnaoua music from Morocco. He uses among many instruments a Russian built electro device that responds to movements. This shot shows a typical pose when he shapes the music with his hands that send waves to the two responders at both ends of the machine.

After an education in painting I discovered travelling as a way of approaching the mysteries of the world and I started with photography. Working for a European organisation has taken me to all corners of the world in recent years. Meeting people and discovering how they experience themselves in this environment has been a great inspiration. In the beginning I explored people, places, colors, lights and shapes with my camera. In recent years, I have been increasingly using graphic and abstract photo projects which finally brought me back to painting.