TOKYO-2019 Architecture / Bridges


  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Bridges
  • Photographer
    Katherine Young
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D800, 16-35mm F/4, Iso100, F/8 Various Shutter Speeds
  • Photo Date

This is a series comprising three images of famous London landmarks with equally famous bridges found in their vicinity. Part I depicts St Paul's Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge, part II, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge and finally part III, The Tower of London and Tower Bridge. My intention was to lead the viewer's eye to the relevant parts of the frame and to de-emphasise all other 'clutter'. I chose long exposure to give my images a more surreal and ethereal feel.

I’m an avid, amateur fine art photographer currently based in London. I began my own journey with travel photography, aiming to capture the essence of each of the places I visited. Inspired by the contemporary environment of Singapore, I later focused my attention on cityscapes and architecture. More recently, I find myself attracted to nature and seascapes.