Bronze 2018 Fine Art / Still Life


  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Wesley Dombrecht
  • Technical Info
    Shot In The Studio, Tools Used:nikond800 / Profoto Light / Imac / Capture One / Photoshop
  • Photo Date

The idea behind the serie was to capture dried beans/kernels that are starting to germinate,i used a very graphical approach in square formats, the composition & styling are minimalistic,with lots off dark umber tones.A little background info off the process: ”Dried beans & kernels In the edible form as we know them, exist in a sleeping state, when exposed to water/oxygen/temperature,the embryo inside off them wakes up, to start the germination & rooting it uses all the spare food from inside the bean, finally the shell dies & the embryo becomes a new life form”

Wesley Dombrecht is a Belgium-based Dutch commercial and artistic food photographer, born in 1979,he spent his childhood in the Flanders and grew up in a family off artistic people. His interest in photography and art began at young age beside his passion for cooking and food, he followed this passion and first started his career as a freelance professional chef in the Netherlands. After a few years working with commercial food companies and also starting to take pictures for them, he started up his own studio (FoodShot) and also took the leap towards the artistic side of food photography.