TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Environmental


  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Environmental
  • Photographer
    Marco Marcone
  • Technical Info
    Olympus And Lenses Leica Panasonic
  • Photo Date
    April 2018

The Yamal Peninsula: a stretch of peatland that extends from northern Siberia into the Kara Sea, far above the Arctic Circle. Yamal in the language of the indigenous Nenets means the end of the world; it is a remote, wind-blasted place of permafrost, serpentine rivers and dwarf shrubs, and has been home to the reindeer-herding Nenets people for over a thousand years. Amazed by this family, who live in perfect harmony with their surroundings in polar conditions. I hope they will be able to protect themselves from the relentless attacks of consumerism, pollution and discrimination.