TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Conflict

The Last Sight

  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/Conflict
  • Photographer
    Roberto Travan
  • Agency / Studio
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D810, No Flash, Lens: 50mm F 1.8, 1/80 Sec, F/4,0 Iso 2500
  • Photo Date
    February 5th 2017

The last image of Sergey, the Ukrainian soldier photographed a year ago in the Donbass. Sergey was fighting in Promzona, an area still attacked by pro-Russian separatists. I met this soldier in a shed while the fighting raged. In the bulletproof vest, beside the dagger and the Kalashnikov he held a crucifix. A month later Sergey was killed by a mortar shell