TOKYO-2018 Book / Documentary

Death Landscapes

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Documentary
  • Photographer
    Hubert Humka
  • Agency / Studio
    Blow Up Ress
  • Technical Info
    Cameras Used: Mamiya Rb 6x7 And Canon D5 Mark Iv (refers Only To Contemporary Images)
  • Photo Date
    Book premiere: June 24, 2018

We often admire the beauty of surrounding landscape. We admire its landform, plants, we contemplate HERE / NOW. But how often we think about what happened there in the PAST? The book focuses on landscapes marked by their history: on one hand - idyllic, but on the other - they contain the stigma of the events they witnessed. It is an attempt to answer the question if a conducive intersection of time and space is revealing the dark side of human nature. The book contains a number of inserts giving it additional meaning, like a report on the death penalty execution or a diary of a serial killer.

Established in 2012, BLOW UP PRESS is a boutique style publishing house focused on contemporary photography, known from such publications as doc! photo magazine (quarterly mook dedicated to contemporary documentary photography) and DEBUTS (yearly publication presenting the most talented emerging photographers). BUP also publishes monographs by emerging as well as already established photographers. This includes two books so far: 9 Gates of No Return by Agata Grzybowska and Death landscapes by Hubert Humka. Three new books will be published till the end of 2018.