TOKYO-2018 Advertising / Self-Promotion

Shelter Fairy-Tales

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Self-Promotion
  • Photographer
    Taida Tarabula
  • Agency / Studio
    Taida, Taida Tarabula
  • Photo Date

This series is a part of a charity calendar produced for one of the Polish shelters for stray animals. The idea was to show all the animal species living there, as well as workers and volunteers taking care about them. We tried to be not too serious when showing Cindirella, Alladin or Swineherd... All the characters were bound to the shelter every-day reality... Many people were involved in this work... People and animal models, stylists, make-up artists, assistances... The shelter animals benefited from the calendar sale.

I am a photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. I am a member of Polish Association of Artist Photographers (ZPAF). ?