TOKYO-2017 Events / Sport


  • Prize
    Bronze in Events/Sport
  • Photographer
    Antonio Tartaglia

A different point of view and a personal vision on the world of sport, through the close connection between the exaltation of athletic gestures and the balance of the places that host them. The combination between the static nature of the places and the dynamism of the action wants to recall the sense of active and passive sporting practice while the contrast between fixed and moving images in an apparent contrast wants to enhance their union. A gallery of images in which the temples of the sport and their athletes emerge therefore not as separate elements, but as a whole where one cannot exist without the other.

Freelance photographer born in 1979 and resident in Pineto (Italy). In the last few years he has seen his works published on major national magazines and has achieved prestigious results in many important international awards. His reportages range from the defense of the territory as his memorable journey of 2013 between the towns of Abruzzo affected by the 2009 earthquake, "Silent shadows", the interaction between sport activity and landscape, "Sportscape" and the denunciation of the gender disparity of which women who play sports are victims, "Don't call me baby".