TOKYO-2017 Architecture / Interiors


  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Interiors
  • Photographer
    Gregoire Cachemaille

This series explores the slow decaying process of abandoned historical buildings by unveiling the magic emerging from their downfall. In this last stage of their journey, stripped of their original purpose and context, these empty structures become objects of contemplation and introspection. Decay is then considered a creative actor, continuously reshaping existing spaces and textures.

After moving to Berlin in 2006 he made a habit of getting lost in the city and wandering through the many deserted spaces of the urban landscape, absorbing the distinctive layers of the city’s recent History. That’s when his passion for the forgotten and the derelict took shape. After he spent a full day exploring a former Soviet military complex in the city outskirts, he was definitely hooked. Ever since this experience, he has been capturing the strange but appealing beauty of abandoned locations around the world.