TOKYO-2016 Nature / Seasons


  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Seasons
  • Photographer
    Yoko Naito

Unbeknown This project indicates the outward change in the environment and the human condition. The seascape in summer is full of cheerful people under the bright sunlight. Conversely, The cold and silent winter seascape covered with snow exists such as the unbeknown beach. This contrast of the seascape depicts the outward change in the same environment. The change of environment is closely related to the human emotion and conduct. The human life that varies from season to season indicates the repetition as a universal phenomenon. I capture the unexpectedness in the same environment, and then the similarity in the different environment. This project was photographed in Coney Island (Brooklyn) and Rockaway beach (Queens). Both are very famous and popular for family and surfer in New York. The title explanation: “Unbeknown” is the passive voice of “Unknown” that is well known word. If it is put “be” in between the word of "unknown", this word become a less known word like a winter beach.