TIFA 2023 AI-Generated Images / AI Generated Images

In A Swirl

  • Prize
    Bronze in AI-Generated Images/AI Generated Images
  • Photographer
    Ileana Montaño
  • Technical Info
    Text To Image In Midjourney.
  • Photo Date
    November 15

In this AI generated self portrait, a woman lays upright against a wall adorned with op-art prints, where her dress seamlessly blends with the background, creating a unified visual tapestry. The shapes and colors of the backdrops and the red threads interwoven throughout intensify the illusion, to captivate the viewer. Her mysterious gaze, amidst illusory wallpaper portraits, adds an enigmatic allure, shaping a composition where the boundaries between the subject and surroundings dissolve into a harmonious, captivating whole.

Born in Mexico City, Ileana is a professional in graphic communications and advertising and an independent visual artist and photographer. She has been featured and collaborated in some important blogs about mobile art and photography. Her work has been exhibited in Brazil, South Korea, the United States, Hungary, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Argentina. In 2017 she presented Fragmentos de Luz, her first solo exhibition in Mexico City.