TIFA 2023 Editorial / Political

Before We Go

  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/Political, 2nd Place winner in Editorial
  • Photographer
    Wojciech Rutkowski
  • Technical Info
    Sigma Sd Quattro H With Sigma Art Lenses: 14, 28, 135 Mm
  • Photo Date
    11.11.2023 Warsaw, PL

In this year, which was an election year in Poland, right-wing political parties have lost their parliamentary majority, which seems to be a political trend in many countries, in favor of normalizing democratic emotions of equilibrium. The political nature of right-wing politics in a country such as Poland also meant almost a monopoly on the representation of Catholic religious values, as well as the only and correct image of patriotism. Independence March, organized for years by the political right-wing, 11.11.2023 Warsaw, PL