TIFA 2023 People / Self-Portrait

Resurrection of Ukraine

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Self-Portrait
  • Photographer
    Valerie Sobakar Khudayar
  • Agency / Studio
    Doctorov Photography
  • Technical Info
    F/13, 1/160 Sec, Iso 200, 26 Mm
  • Photo Date

The form of the outfit is manually made of vine, a symbol of rebirth and peace. Taking into account the current war in Ukraine, the vine is depicted with no leaves, but decorated with the blooming flowers as a hope for a brighter future. The head is decorated with a wreath of red roses - a symbol of the sun and morning dawn in Ukrainian culture. On the background there is a landscape of the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv, with a monumental statue 'Mother Ukraine', symbol of the capital. Finally, under the feet there are hot coals. They symbolize Ukrainian land, burned out with war.

Doctorov Photography is a photo duet of a couple of the photographers Vadim Doctorov and his wife Valerie Sobakar Khudayar. As a photo duet they worked 2013-2021. Since 2021, after a sudden and unexpected death of Vadim Doctorov, Valerie works as a solo photographer, continuing the implementation of their mutual projects. She is also a sole owner and a successor of the registered trademark and a brand 'Doctorov Photography', since the death of her husband in 2021.