TIFA 2023 Architecture / Buildings

Architecture In Worm'S Eye View

  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Buildings
  • Photographer
    Muhammad Almasri
  • Technical Info
    Nikon 800d + Irix Lens 15mm
  • Photo Date
    2022 - 2023

In the paradise of architectural photographers which is the United Arab Emirates, when you are between modern buildings, towers, and skyscrapers, and whenever you look up, you mostly find a beautiful and interesting perspective, and this perspective is used in the field of photography and is called Worm's-eye View. In this series of images, I used this perspective on a set of images of buildings and other architectural structures taken from a low angle, looking up toward the sky in a black-and-white style. This perspective can create a dramatic and imposing effect, emphasizing the height and

My name is Muhammad Almasri, Chess Player and Photographer born and raised in Zarqa, Jordan. I always feel that time behind my camera lens is short, regardless of how much time I spend trying to capture the photos. Every time something draws my attention, I try to frame it in my vision, and then through my camera. I am interested in architecture and abstract photography, and sometimes in landscape, since I started as a landscaper. I believe that we can mostly make art out of everything around us, only if we looked at it more than once and from different perspectives.