TIFA 2023 AI-Generated Images / AI Generated Images

Mirror: Truth or Lie

  • Prize
    Gold in AI-Generated Images/AI Generated Images
  • Photographer
    Frank Zhang
  • Agency / Studio
    New York Dreamer

In this series of photos, a young woman gracefully stands in a mirror room. However, her images on the mirrors diverge from her true self: the images are either changed, disappear or only partially reflected. The mirror room serves as a metaphor for our world, and the mirror symbolizes our media, occasionally distorting reality and concealing authenticity. Those photos spark our concern and reflection on the truth manipulation in our media-driven world, prompting viewers to question the media authenticity that shape our understanding of our world.

Frank Zhang is a photographer, film producer, physicist, and entrepreneur based in New York. He directed, and shot photos and videos for many international brands and magazines, including Tiffany & Co., Oreo, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, L'Officiel. He works have won more than 65 awards and been collected and exhibited by many galleries all over the world, including Brazil online gallery-democrat.com.br, Vanities Gallery in Paris, Glasgow Gallery of Photography in UK, and artsy.net. He obtained his Ph.D. in Physics. He is dedicated to commercial photography, optics, and cryptocurrency.