TIFA 2023 People / Children

L'Albero Di Giovanni

  • Prize
    Gold in People/Children, 1st Place winner in People
  • Photographer
    Ottavio Marino
  • Agency / Studio
    Ottavio Marino Photography

Judge Giovanni Falcone is an Italian hero, he was killed in a mafia-related attack in 1992 in Capaci, Sicily. In front of the house that belonged to Judge Giovanni Falcone in Palermo, which has become a symbol of legality and courage A tree is growing, a cutting taken from a Ficus. In May of this year, this tree was planted by the boys and girls of the primary and lower secondary schools of my land, a town in Calabria in southern Italy. This is the account in images of what happened that day because the future is built with their eyes and with their hands because Giovanni lives.